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Hi I'm Tim, nice to meet you! To sum myself up in an 'About Me' section is nearly impossible but I'll try and tell you some things that you might find useful when considering if I am the right photographer for you.

First off, I'm a really sentimental guy. This is actually a big factor in my photography where, for me, a huge part of photography is in the making of memories. I love capturing those moments that would be happening with or without a photographer, but capturing them allows you to have those memories of the often unnoticed small moments, that together, all contribute to the whole experience of the day. 

My photography style is a very natural and candid style and if most of the time people don't even know that I'm snapping away, then I feel like I'm doing my job well. Of course there will always be opportunities for more traditional portrait shots, but the bulk of what I shoot, will be unposed and natural.


For me, communication is just super important. Making a genuine connection with you is my top priority and is the key to having a successful photography experience at your wedding or event. This ensures that you are comfortable on your day and that is what will lead to amazing photos! 

Although primarily weddings are what I shoot, I am also available for events, family or couple shoots, parties and anything else where a photographer is wanted :) 

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